Bagged Tesla Model S: An Alluring Blend of Style and Performance

Imagine cruising down the twisting roads, your fingers gently grazing the sleek leather steering wheel, a symphony of electric power buzzing beneath your fingertips. The allure of a Tesla Model S is undeniable, capturing the hearts of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

But what happens when you stumble upon the enticing prospect of adding a smart air suspension to this already remarkable machine? Intrigued and initially skeptical, I set out to uncover the truth.

Seeking advice from seasoned Model S owners proved invaluable, their tales of seamless rides swirling in my mind. Perhaps it was time to collaborate with Tesla, taking this marvel of engineering to new heights.

Could a bagged Tesla Model S truly surpass all expectations?

bagged tesla model s

The concept of a “bagged Tesla Model S” refers to retrofitting a smart air suspension onto a Tesla Model S, which the author initially dismissed. Seeking advice from experienced Model S owners regarding adapting air ride and potentially working with Tesla to enable specific features through reprogramming are topics that were brought up.

With these considerations in mind, it is important to approach the question of retrofitting a smart air suspension onto a Tesla Model S by weighing the benefits, potential issues, and long-term implications.

Key Points:

  • Concept of “bagged Tesla Model S” involves retrofitting a smart air suspension onto the vehicle.
  • Seeking advice from experienced Model S owners on adapting air ride and potentially working with Tesla is recommended.
  • Benefits, potential issues, and long-term implications should be weighed when considering retrofitting a smart air suspension onto a Tesla Model S.


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💡 Pro Tips:

1. Consider aftermarket air suspension kits: If Tesla does not offer a retrofit for smart air suspension, explore the aftermarket options available for your model of Tesla Model S. There are various companies that specialize in retrofitting air suspension systems for Tesla vehicles, providing an alternative solution to enhance your ride quality.

2. Research user forums and communities: In addition to seeking advice from individual users, join Tesla Model S specific forums and online communities to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experiences. These platforms are a great way to connect with other Tesla owners who have successfully adapted air ride systems and can provide valuable insights and recommendations.

3. Look into third-party software solutions: If Tesla is unwilling or unable to reprogram your vehicle to enable certain features, explore third-party software solutions that may offer alternative methods. Some companies have developed software applications that can unlock additional functionalities in Tesla vehicles, providing a potential workaround for specific reprogramming needs.

4. Consult with Tesla-certified technicians: While retrofitting smart air suspension may not be officially supported by Tesla, it is worth consulting with Tesla-certified technicians to understand any potential risks or complications. They may be able to provide guidance on the feasibility of retrofitting and identify any potential compatibility issues.

5. Consider the long-term maintenance and support: Before proceeding with any retrofitting or modifications, carefully evaluate the long-term maintenance and support implications. Ensure that the aftermarket solution you choose provides reliable support and access to replacement parts, as this is important for the continued functionality and performance of your retrofitted air suspension system.

1. Initial Dismissal Of Retrofitting Smart Air Suspension

When the author first came across the idea of retrofitting a smart air suspension for their Tesla Model S, they dismissed it as an unnecessary extravagance.

After all, the Model S already boasted impressive performance and handling capabilities. The traditional coil spring suspension seemed more than adequate.

However, as time went on and the author began to delve deeper into the possibilities of upgrading their Model S, they began to see the appeal of a smart air suspension. The idea of being able to adjust the ride height on the fly and experience a smoother, more comfortable ride started to captivate their imagination.

2. Seeking Advice From Experienced Model S Users

To gain further insight into the feasibility of retrofitting a smart air suspension, the author turned to the online community of Tesla Model S owners.

They sought advice from individuals who had already undergone similar modifications or had experience with Model S struts.

The responses varied, with some extolling the virtues of air ride systems and others cautioning about potential drawbacks. Nonetheless, the author appreciated the diverse perspectives and used this information as a foundation for their own decision-making process.

  • One user mentioned the improved handling and cornering capabilities of the smart air suspension.
  • Another user cautioned about potential maintenance and repair costs associated with air ride systems.
  • Some users shared their positive experiences with retrofitting smart air suspension, citing increased comfort and versatility.
  • 3. Adapting Air Ride For Model S Struts

    Armed with the knowledge gained from the Model S community, the author began exploring the process of adapting air ride to their Model S struts.

    This involved considering the necessary modifications and potential challenges that might arise.

    The author realized that retrofitting a smart air suspension for their Model S would require a significant investment of time, money, and expertise. However, the allure of improved ride quality and the ability to fine-tune the car’s characteristics were strong motivating factors.

    Examining various aftermarket options and consulting with experts, the author started to appreciate the intricacies involved in adapting air ride to the Model S struts. This newfound understanding gave them confidence in pursuing their desire for a more personalized driving experience.

    4. Exploring Collaboration With Tesla For Enabling Features

    Not content with a simple retrofit, the author began considering the possibility of collaborating with Tesla to enable certain features through reprogramming.

    They wondered if there was potential to work with the manufacturer directly to unlock additional capabilities and enhance the overall functionality of the vehicle.

    Contacting Tesla’s customer support, the author expressed their interest in exploring collaboration opportunities. While awaiting a response, they continued to research and educate themselves about the retrofitting possibilities for their bagged Tesla Model S.

    5. Retrofitting Possibilities For Bagged Tesla Model S

    As the author’s understanding grew, they started to envision the many retrofitting possibilities for their bagged Tesla Model S.

    Some of the potential benefits that stood out included:

  • Improved ride quality and comfort by adjusting the air suspension to different driving conditions.
  • The ability to raise or lower the ride height for enhanced aesthetics and aerodynamics.
  • Customizable suspension settings for sportier or more relaxed driving experiences.
  • Potentially increased resale value due to the attractiveness of a bagged Tesla Model S.
  • 6. Considering Reprogramming Options With Tesla For Enhanced Functionality

    Recognizing the potential in collaborating with Tesla, the author explored reprogramming options that could further enhance the functionality of their retrofitted smart air suspension.

    By reprogramming certain parameters, there was the potential to fine-tune the suspension’s behavior, optimize energy efficiency, and even integrate with other vehicle systems for a more seamless driving experience. The author envisioned a fully integrated and personalized driving experience with their bagged Tesla Model S.

    In conclusion, what began as an initial dismissal of retrofitting a smart air suspension for their Tesla Model S evolved into a captivating exploration of possibilities. Through seeking advice from experienced Model S users, considering adaptation options for the vehicle’s struts, exploring collaboration with Tesla, and envisioning the retrofitting possibilities, the author had gained a deeper understanding of how a bagged Tesla Model S can blend style and performance harmoniously.

    By considering reprogramming options with Tesla for enhanced functionality, the author aimed to create a truly unique driving experience in their retrofitted Model S.

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