best clutch for mini cooper s

Best Clutch for Mini Cooper S

Last Updated on August 18, 2023

Clutch is one of the critical components of your car. If it fails, what you are left with is to tow the vehicle to the mechanic or your parking lot. When you notice the gear slipping anytime you are accelerating, it’s a clear sign that you should replace it.

Like many other moving parts of the vehicle, clutches do wear off due to friction. Depending on your way of driving, it can wear off faster or slower. However, some clutch replacements are not due to wear and tear. Sometimes you just want to enhance the engine horsepower and hit new speed on the highway or racing track. If that’s the case, an upgrade of the clutch is essential.

Vehicle clutches are designed to accommodate specific engine power, and this is even more specific on Mini Cooper S. Failure to upgrade it when you enhance the engine horsepower, several clutch slip when accelerating will occur. This can be quite frustrating when it occurs frequently.

Worst case scenario, your Mini will be rendered non-operational. This is due to excess burn of the clutch as a result of multiple slips during acceleration.  That said, here is a list of the best clutch for Mini Cooper S if you want a reliable replacement.

Best Clutch for Mini Coopers S Reviewed for 2022

Mini Cooper’s are infamous for their small engine room and the need for a clutch to get power to the wheels. If you are not certain what clutches are working best for your Mini Cooper S, we have singled out these top-selling clutches on Amazon of 2022. We have also compiled a brief review for each model. Users should be clear of how well various clutches work in these types of vehicles, so to help choose the best one without hassle.

SouthEast Clutch Kit Compatible with Mini Cooper S

This is the best clutch if you want to give your mini an upgrade and take it for a spin in a race track. It comes with a great clump load that can accommodate extra horsepower while still engaging swiftly. Fitted with bigger capacity dampers, it can take on shock from the drivetrain smoothly.

Other remarkable features include HD woven organic sprung disc that ensures smooth engagement even under performance pressure. What’s more, this feature extends the life of your clutch, serving you longer than ordinary types.

To ensure, you will rock the street race, it comes with a dual face ceramic that accommodates high performance. Lastly, it comes with a sprung disk crafted from ceramic for engaging higher horsepower efficiently without suffering a slip.


  • Uses OEM specifications
  • Specialized customer support’
  • Complete clutch kit
  • Best quality
  • Durable
  • Reliable


  • At high rpm, it can be loud when shifting

Valeo 52001202 OE Replacement Clutch Kit

If you are looking for an aftermarket reliable Clutch Kit to substitute the old and worn-out, Valeo 52001202 will do. It’s crafted using the prime quality component for durability and long-lasting service. Fitted with the latest tech, this clutch delivers a better kick when shifting gears.

Performance-wise, it’s commendable and makes a better alternative to your old and failing original clutch. Speaking of which, Valeo will maintain the same comfort and driving experience as the original clutch but better.

The premium build ensures it can witch stand friction’s wear and tear longer. And it also enhances heat loss preventing chances of premature failure. The damping tech on the new disks ensures a smooth and noise-free ride on various drive terrain.

Lastly, the Valeo kit comes complete with all the essential components. As such, you can perform a complete DIY installation without needing professional assistance. To ensure you are doing the installation perfectly, it comes with a video guide you can use.


  • The kit comes complete
  • Durable the original clutch
  • Better performance
  • Provides comfort ride on various terrain
  • Quality build
  • Better value


  • Cannot support an upgrade on horsepower

Exedy Embrague Pro kit + DMF Flywheel

Are you searching for a genuine Clutch kit comparable to the original one but with better performance? Well, the Exedy Embrague Pro kit will do. This is an original part with quality components to ensure your vehicle maintains its original comfort. It doesn’t bring so much on the table when it comes to upgrades but can take on mild modifications.

This part comes with quality dampens that cancel out vibrations enhancing a quiet and comfortable driving experience. So, whichever terrain you drive on, you will experience will be that of a brand new car.

Crafted by a brand that’s almost a century old, rest assured they have your car interest at heart. If anything, their products including this clutch are synonymous with excellent quality. To those who love to take on DIY projects including servicing their cars, they will love this clutch. It comes with a complete kit as well as an installation guide in case you will need a reference point.


  • Unique performance
  • Reliable technical support
  • Best fit for your Mini S
  • Trustworthy brand
  • Premium grade build and material
  • Balance tested
  • Great replacement for the original clutch


  • Includes a flywheel in the package

ClutchMaxPRO OEM Clutch Kit

ClutchMaxPRO stands out as one of the premium clutches in the market with unwavering performance. For a heavy-duty part, it’s affordable with uncompromised quality. These clutches go through intense inspection to ensure you get a high-quality part for your car.

If you prefer DIY installation, they happen to have the best customer support in this industry. And their mission is quality technical service for customer retention. Back on the kit, ClutchMaxPRO, this clutch kit includes a flywheel. Therefore, this is an opportunity to improve your vehicle performance through a complete overhaul of the clutch system.

Having a 15,000-mile warranty/ 12 months, performance malfunction or fitting issues will be sorted for you by the brand. Therefore, you can buy the product comfortably knowing you have been covered for any factory-related mistakes if they occur.

Lastly, ClutchMaxPro is a brand with over 2 decades of existence. This is reassuring since buying a clutch kit is like a long-term investment in your car.


  • Highest quality build
  • Heavy-duty meaning it can manage a minor boost on engine performance
  • Reliable and durable
  • Perfect fit on your mini
  • Unmatched customer care
  • Great performance


  • It may not support higher modification for a powerful horsepower

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