best wheels for mini cooper

Best Wheels for Mini Cooper

Last Updated on August 18, 2023

Wheels play a major role in the aesthetics and of your car. Whether you want an aggressive and striking stage presence or a relaxed and cool style, they have a part to play. Some cars come with a striking wheel from the manufacturers, but most of them need an upgrade for a better look. So, if your Mini Cooper wheel doesn’t seem to charm your heart, wheel replacement will do.

Also, wheels have an impact on the speed and performance of your car. And this is the part where weight is a critical factor. If you choose to enhance the size of the wheel and its weight increases, performances will reduce.

On the other hand, if you reduce the wheel size, its weight reduces. As a result, the speed and performance of your car will be higher. And this is where the material of the wheel matters. Wheels with aluminum tend to be lighter irrespective of their size. The steel wheels are heavier and need more horsepower for better car performance.

Best Mini Cooper Wheels Rims Reviewed in 2022

With many options of wheels in the marketplace, coming in different sizes, designs, and materials, picking the best for your Mini Cooper might be overwhelming. In this guide, we have researched previous customers reviews from and filtered out a list of the top-rated wheel rims for Mini Cooper that will surely impress you.

Green Custom Wheels

This is the best pick for all Mini Cooper with at least 130hp. It comes with a unique design that gives your car a high-end look. Having a best-in-class build, it’s a long-lasting design option that will last longer with the right maintenance. Further, it’s a heavy-duty cast that makes it reliable when carrying extra pounds on your car. Therefore, you won’t sacrifice any function for the sake of style.

What’s more, it’s lightweight thanks to an aluminum body. And you know what this means. Right, there is better performance on the road since there is less pressure on the engine. As a result, your car will ride faster, stop faster, and have better fuel efficiency. Other benefits include better control of your car and lighten unsprung mass which further enhances the performance of suspensions.

Being durable means it can withstand extreme terrain conditions while performing well. And it’s all thanks to great engineering. For the safety of both driver and passengers, Green Custom Wheels have been tested for safety. And by using SAE J2530 which is the most strict safety standard in this industry. Lastly, they are passed through structural integrity plus stability test to ensure they can support radial, cornering, and impact fatigue.


  • Reliable on the road
  • Tested for safety
  • Great performance
  • Best build
  • TPMS compatible
  • Great engineering


  • Doesn’t support high-performance vehicle with over 130hp

Motegi MR12091034479 – MR120

Motegi MR12091034479is best for a flashy look and great performance. Supporting up to 189hp, you can hit the race track comfortably without worrying about underperformance. Coming three finish options, you can choose a style that resonates with your vehicle theme. Speaking of which, there is a chrome finish, silver and black to choose from.

What’s more, the Aluminum wheel enhances your vehicle Mini Cooper performance further. It’s light that helps lighten the unsprung mass and enhances the vehicle acceleration and brake performance. In addition, Aluminum material is durable, which means you will make a one-time investment. 

The elegant rim design and quality are one of a kind, often seen on the sports car. And that’s the exact driving feel it will bring to your car. So, if you want a striking wheel that complements your car both in looks and when driving, you’ve got it. Choose a size that will create the look you desire and add comfort to your car.


  • Chrome finish
  • Light aluminum material
  • Elegant design and quality
  • Highest standard build
  • Have been tested for performance
  • Multiple finish variants
  • Exists in various sizes


  • If you want a 14” tire you are locked out of this option

 Mini Genuine JCW 18” Light Alloy Wheel

This is best for anyone who wants a sporty look but wants to stick with the Mini brand. It’s a genuine wheel from the brand with astonishing qualities and features. For starters, it’s entirely alloy and very light. Therefore, it fits perfectly on your car without affecting performance in any way. Unless of course if you are swapping a smaller size alloy wheel for a bigger one.

Being a genuine brand, you don’t have to worry about fittings since it’s designed to accommodate your car. And being your vehicle’s brand, finding the best cap that fits the wheel will be easier. In fact, you can order it along with the wheels for convenience.

On durability, the Mini Genuine JCW wheel doesn’t disappoint. It’s the best value for money with unrivaled durability. It’s pretty expensive but worth a shot if you are buying these wheels for long-term investment.


  • Guarantees quality of the product
  • The best option for your Mini
  • Durable alloy material
  • Sporty design
  • Improves performance if you are downsizing when it comes to weight.
  • Reliable brand


  • Doesn’t come with the center cap. Therefore, you have to buy it independently.

Verde Wheels

Verde Wheels comes with a stylish modern design for anyone who wants to keep up with the wheel trend. The black and glossy paint with a chrome finish makes it pop and drive attention to your vehicle.

In terms of performance, it doesn’t disappoint at all. The aluminum build enhances its performance on the track due to less strain on engine power. Therefore, you can maintain full control of your car no matter which terrain you are in.

Speaking of terrain, these Verde Wheels are durable and resistant to extreme conditions. With light maintenance, these wheels never grow old and dull. So, scoop the value for your money with Verde Wheels if you want to transform your car looks.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Supports TPMS
  • Comes with mid cover
  • Fits perfect
  • Structural lifetime warranty
  • Quality product
  • One-piece casting for sturdiness and stability


  • Doesn’t come with bolts/nuts

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