Jeep Cherokee Key Fob Not Detected: Causes, Solutions

In our fast-paced world, convenience is everything. So, imagine the frustration of a car owner when their trusted key fob suddenly fails to be detected.

Such was the predicament faced by the author, whose beloved Jeep Cherokee became temperamental, refusing to acknowledge its key fob’s presence. Desperate for a solution, they embarked on a journey filled with trips to the dealer, endless troubleshooting, and a glimmer of hope with the replacement of the receiver.

Yet, it seemed the problem persisted, until an astonishing discovery was made鈥攁 missing black box, a vital antenna gone astray. Join us as we delve into the unraveling mystery and witness the triumphant restoration of harmony between car and key fob.

jeep cherokee key fob not detected

The issue of the Jeep Cherokee key fob not being detected was experienced by the author. After making three trips to the dealer, the problem persisted.

The first visit involved diagnosing the issue and ordering a new receiver. However, even after installing the new receiver during the second visit, it still did not work, so another one was ordered.

On the third trip, with the new receiver in place, the problem remained. Different key fobs were also tried to no avail.

The author did not modify anything in the trunk area but did remove the spare tire and rear cover. The sudden onset of the key fob issue did not involve removing any black box or antenna.

However, the dealer claimed that the black box/antenna was missing and needed to be ordered. The author doubted that someone stole the missing black box/antenna.

Notably, the author noticed a wire with a small connector under the trim in the back. After replacing the antenna and receiver, the author picked up the car from the dealer, and everything started working again.

Prior to the issue, remote start and keyless entry were functioning properly. Additionally, the dealer replaced the Nav unit.

Key Points:

  • The Jeep Cherokee key fob not being detected was a persistent issue for the author.
  • Three trips were made to the dealer to address the problem.
  • A new receiver was ordered and installed during the second visit, but it did not solve the issue.
  • Different key fobs were attempted but also did not work.
  • The dealer claimed the missing black box/antenna needed to be ordered, but the author doubted it was stolen.
  • After replacing the antenna and receiver, the issue was resolved and remote start and keyless entry began working again.


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💡 Pro Tips:

1. Check for loose connections: Sometimes, the key fob issue can be due to loose connections. Make sure all the wires and connectors are securely fastened.

2. Inspect the key fob battery: A weak or dead battery in the key fob could be the culprit. Replace the battery with a new one and see if it resolves the issue.

3. Reset the key fob: Try resetting the key fob by removing the battery for a few minutes, then reinserting it and pressing the buttons. This can sometimes help in recalibrating the fob.

4. Check for interference: Certain electronic devices or signals in the vicinity can interfere with the key fob’s signal. Move away from any potential sources of interference, such as other electronic devices or power lines.

5. Seek a second opinion: If you’ve tried everything and the dealer’s attempts to fix the issue have been unsuccessful, consider getting a second opinion from another authorized dealership. It’s possible that a fresh perspective may uncover a solution.

1. Multiple Trips To Dealer For Jeep Cherokee Key Fob Issue

The author of this article has recently experienced issues with the key fob on their Jeep Cherokee.

Frustrated by the problem, they decided to take their vehicle to the dealer for assistance. Little did they know that this would be the start of a series of trips to the dealer’s service center in an attempt to resolve the key fob detection issue.

2. Replacing The Receiver: First Trip To The Dealer

During their first visit to the dealer, the author’s Jeep Cherokee underwent a comprehensive diagnostic check to identify the root cause of the key fob problem.

After careful examination, the dealer determined that the receiver needed to be replaced. A new receiver was promptly ordered and the author eagerly awaited their next visit to the dealer’s service center.

3. Receiver Replacement Fails: Second Trip To The Dealer

With the new receiver in hand, the author excitedly brought their Jeep Cherokee in for a second trip to the dealer’s service center.

The technician swiftly installed the replacement receiver, hoping that it would finally solve the key fob detection issue. However, to the author’s dismay, the new receiver failed to rectify the problem.

Another receiver was ordered, leaving the author feeling frustrated and discouraged.

4. Trying New Key Fobs: Still No Success

In a desperate attempt to fix the key fob issue, the dealer tried replacing the key fobs themselves.

Despite their efforts, the key fob problem stubbornly persisted. This left both the dealer and the author bewildered, as they could not pinpoint the exact cause of the issue.

The author couldn’t help but wonder what had suddenly triggered this frustrating problem with their Jeep Cherokee.

5. Missing Black Box/Antenna Mystery

During one of the visits to the dealer’s service center, the author was informed by the technician that the black box/antenna was missing from their Jeep Cherokee.

Surprisingly, the dealer concluded that this missing component was the cause of the key fob detection problem. Although skeptical, the author couldn’t recall ever removing the black box/antenna themselves.

The dealer proceeded to order a replacement, leaving the author pondering over the mysterious disappearance of this vital component.

Curiosity got the best of the author, and they decided to take a closer look at their vehicle. While examining the trunk area, they stumbled upon a wire with a small connector tucked beneath the trim.

Could this wire be related to the missing black box/antenna? It was a puzzling discovery, further fueling the author’s doubts about the black box/antenna’s sudden disappearance.

6. Resolving The Issue: Antenna And Receiver Replacement

After what felt like an endless cycle of trips to the dealer’s service center, the author finally received their Jeep Cherokee back, and to their relief, everything was in working order once again.

It turned out that the key fob detection issue was resolved by replacing both the antenna and receiver. Additionally, the dealer had also replaced the navigation unit, which may have somehow contributed to the problem.

Before the issue arose, the author had been enjoying the convenience of remote start and keyless entry, which were both functioning perfectly.

The sudden onset of the key fob problem had caught them off guard, leaving them scrambling for a solution. Thankfully, the diligent efforts of the dealer’s technicians finally put an end to their troubleshooting ordeal.

As the author reflects on their experience, they can’t help but wonder what initially triggered the key fob detection issue in their Jeep Cherokee.

Had they accidentally tampered with any crucial components in the trunk area? Or was it a mere technological glitch?

The answer remains elusive, but at least the author can now enjoy the convenience of their key fob without any further setbacks. Remember, if you find yourself in a similar predicament with your Jeep Cherokee, don’t lose hope 鈥?a solution can still be found!

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