mini cooper cup holder

Mini Cooper Cup Holder Extension

Last Updated on August 18, 2023

The Mini Cooper Cup Holder Extension is a great way to add more cup holders to your Mini Cooper. The extension will give you two cup holders that are perfect for beverages.

The cup holder for Mini is a great product for those who want to enjoy drinks while they are driving in their car without having to worry about spilling them on the floor or having someone else take their drink from them.

What size are Mini Cooper cup holders

The Mini Cooper cup holders are designed to fit most standard size cups and bottles. The larger ones will fit a pint glass or taller bottle while the smaller ones can accommodate a shorter bottle.

A Mini Cooper is known for its small, sleek design. The cup holders in the car reflect this. A good cup holder for Mini Cooper should be designed to accommodate all types of drinks, including those with taller or shorter heights.

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