Maximizing Efficiency and Convenience: Tesla App’s Scheduled Departure Feature

In the realm of cutting-edge automotive technology, one name stands out: Tesla. Known for their groundbreaking electric vehicles, Tesla continues to push the boundaries of innovation with their latest offering, the Model 3.

While the sleek design and impressive range of the Model 3 have garnered much attention, it is the integration of the Tesla app that truly sets this vehicle apart. Imagine being able to have your car ready and waiting for you, perfectly charged and with a cozy cabin, all at your preferred time.

With the Scheduled Departure feature on the Tesla app, this dream becomes a reality. Stay tuned as we delve into the details of this revolutionary feature and uncover the endless possibilities it holds.

tesla app scheduled departure

The Tesla app’s Scheduled Departure feature allows users to set a specific time for their Tesla Model 3 to be fully charged before departure or when off-peak charging rates end. This setting can be accessed through the Tesla mobile app or via the Controls > Charging menu on the car’s screen.

It is location-specific and can be saved for each location. In addition to charging, the Scheduled Departure feature also includes the option for Preconditioning, which warms up the battery pack and cabin before a specified time, even without being plugged in.

This is particularly useful during winter months for regenerative braking and cabin warming/defrosting. However, it is important to note that Tesla’s settings only allow for one Scheduled Departure charging session and one Scheduled Preconditioning session per day.

Third-party apps can be used to set multiple charging and preconditioning windows if desired.

Key Points:

  • Tesla app has Scheduled Departure feature for Model 3
  • Scheduled Departure allows setting specific time for full charge before departure or end of off-peak charging rates
  • Can access feature through Tesla mobile app or car’s screen menu
  • Location-specific and can be saved for each location
  • Includes option for Preconditioning to warm up battery pack and cabin
  • Tesla allows one Scheduled Departure charging session and one Scheduled Preconditioning session per day, but third-party apps can set multiple windows


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💡 Pro Tips:

1. Take advantage of Scheduled Departure Preconditioning even if you’re not plugged in. It can warm up your battery and cabin before a specified time.
2. Remember that preconditioning is especially important in winter for optimal regenerative braking and cabin warming/defrosting.
3. For fast charging at a Supercharging station, make sure to precondition your battery to a temperature of 46掳C (115掳F).
4. Keep in mind that Tesla’s settings allow for only one Scheduled Departure charging session and one Scheduled Preconditioning session per day. Plan accordingly.
5. If you need more flexibility with your charging and preconditioning windows, consider using third-party apps that allow for multiple schedules.

1. Introduction To Tesla Model 3’s Scheduled Departure And Scheduled Charging Settings

The Tesla Model 3 offers a range of innovative features that enhance the efficiency and convenience of electric vehicle ownership.

One such feature is the Scheduled Departure and Scheduled Charging settings. These settings allow Tesla owners to customize and automate their charging and preconditioning preferences, ensuring their vehicle is always ready to go when they need it.

2. Accessing The Settings Through Controls > Charging Menu And Tesla Mobile App

To access and configure the Scheduled Departure and Scheduled Charging settings, Tesla owners have multiple options.

They can navigate to the Controls menu on the vehicle’s touchscreen display and select the Charging option. Alternatively, they can access these settings through the Climate Controls screen.

Additionally, Tesla owners can conveniently manage these settings remotely using the Tesla mobile app, which provides access to the same features and functionality as the vehicle’s touchscreen display.

3. Understanding Scheduled Charging And Scheduled Departure Off-Peak Charging

Scheduled Charging is a feature that allows Tesla owners to determine when their vehicle starts charging.

This feature is particularly useful when taking advantage of off-peak electricity rates, as it enables owners to optimize their charging schedule for cost savings. On the other hand, Scheduled Departure Off-Peak Charging allows owners to specify when their vehicle should be fully charged by, ensuring that it is ready for departure or when the off-peak rate ends.

This feature is especially beneficial for home charging setups, where it is essential to have the vehicle fully charged at specific times.

  • Scheduled Charging determines when charging starts
  • Scheduled Departure Off-Peak Charging determines when charging should be completed

    4. Compatibility Of Scheduled Charging With Scheduled Departure Preconditioning

    Tesla’s Scheduled Charging feature can be used in conjunction with Scheduled Departure Preconditioning, allowing owners to warm up the battery pack and cabin before a specified time.

    This is particularly useful during colder months, as preconditioning helps optimize regenerative braking performance and ensures a warm and comfortable cabin for the driver and passengers. However, it’s important to note that Scheduled Charging is not compatible with Scheduled Departure Off-Peak Charging.

    This means that owners must choose between using Scheduled Charging or Scheduled Departure Off-Peak Charging when configuring their preferences.

    5. Saving Location-Specific Settings For Each Location

    To provide maximum convenience, Tesla’s Scheduled Departure and Charging settings are location-specific.

    This means that owners can save different preferences for different charging locations. For example, they can configure a specific charging schedule for their home and a different one for their workplace.

    This flexibility allows owners to customize their charging patterns based on their individual needs and daily routines.

    6. Importance Of Preconditioning And Battery Warming For Winter Driving

    Preconditioning is an essential aspect of winter driving with an electric vehicle like the Tesla Model 3.

    During preconditioning, the battery pack and cabin are warmed up before a specified departure time, even without being plugged in. This helps optimize the vehicle’s performance, especially in cold weather.

    The battery warming during preconditioning reaches a temperature of 20掳C (68掳F) and increases to 46掳C (115掳F) when preparing for Supercharging. By warming up the battery pack, regenerative braking performance is enhanced, and cabin warming and defrosting are improved, ensuring a comfortable and safe driving experience during the winter months.

    In conclusion, Tesla’s Scheduled Departure and Charging settings provide Tesla Model 3 owners with a convenient and efficient way to manage their charging and preconditioning preferences. These features allow for customization based on individual needs, location-specific settings, and optimization for off-peak electricity rates.

    By utilizing these capabilities, Tesla owners can maximize the performance and comfort of their vehicle, particularly during winter driving conditions.

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