Track Jeep Build: Transforming an OffRoader into an AllTerrain Beast

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey towards your dream vehicle? Buckle up as we take you on a wild ride of ordering and tracking the delivery of your very own Wrangler Jeep.

This comprehensive guide will lead you through the labyrinth of options, helping you choose the perfect specs for your off-roading adventures. Discover the secrets of obtaining order and vehicle numbers, allowing you to monitor every twist and turn of your Jeep’s build process.

And just when you thought the excitement couldn’t get any greater, we’ll show you how to inspect your new beast upon delivery. Get ready to hit the open road in style with our ultimate Jeep tracking adventure!

track jeep build

To track the build of a Wrangler Jeep, the process begins by placing a custom order through an authorized Jeep dealership. It is advisable to conduct prior research on trim levels and options before contacting the dealer.

Additionally, checking local dealer lots for Wranglers that meet desired specifications and exploring additional sources of funding or discounts is recommended. Once the order is placed, obtaining the Vehicle Order Number (VON) and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is crucial.

Requesting a copy of the Priced Order Confirmation (POC) and regular status change updates from the dealer will help in tracking the progress. Different status codes indicate the various stages of the build process.

The North Assembly Plant in Toledo is responsible for assembling all Wranglers, with chassis and body vendors handling the vehicle components. The plant operates two shifts and produces 500 to 800 vehicles per day.

The delivery process involves shipping or transportation by truck or rail. To track the order, the JL Window Sticker & Build Sheet Order Tracker can be used, although patience may be needed as tracking information may not be timely.

Dealers have access to a transit logistics system for more detailed tracking. Upon delivery, it is recommended to download the owner’s manual and inspect the vehicle for any scratches or blemishes, take a test drive, and ensure that all ordered items are present.

Finally, it is important to communicate with the sales manager to reserve the ordered vehicle.

Key Points:

  • Place a custom order through an authorized Jeep dealership after conducting research on trim levels and options.
  • Check local dealer lots and explore additional funding or discounts before placing the order.
  • Obtain the Vehicle Order Number (VON), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and Priced Order Confirmation (POC) for tracking purposes.
  • The North Assembly Plant in Toledo assembles Wranglers, producing 500 to 800 vehicles per day.
  • Use the JL Window Sticker & Build Sheet Order Tracker for order tracking, but be patient for timely information.
  • Communicate with the sales manager to reserve the ordered vehicle and inspect it upon delivery.


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💡 Pro Tips:

6. When custom-ordering a Wrangler Jeep, consider joining online forums or social media groups dedicated to Jeep enthusiasts. These communities often provide valuable insights, advice, and recommendations for building and tracking your Jeep.

7. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the dealership when placing your custom order. You may be able to secure a better price or additional incentives by discussing pricing options.

8. Take advantage of any available military or first responder discounts if applicable. Jeep often offers special deals and savings for those who serve in the military or work as first responders.

9. Stay in regular contact with your dealership throughout the build and delivery process. This will allow you to stay informed about any potential delays or changes and ensure a smooth and timely delivery.

10. Considering adding aftermarket accessories or modifications to your Wrangler Jeep? Research different vendors and options in advance to ensure compatibility and to customize your Jeep to your exact preferences.

1. Placing A Custom Order Through An Authorized Jeep Dealership

When it comes to ordering and building a Wrangler Jeep to your desired specifications, it is important to go through an authorized Jeep dealership.

These dealerships operate independently, meaning they may have different incentives and costs. It’s crucial to find a reputable dealership that you trust and feel comfortable working with throughout the process.

Once you have chosen a dealership, you can begin the exciting journey of custom ordering your Wrangler Jeep.

2. Researching Trim Levels And Options Before Contacting The Dealer

Before contacting the dealership, it is highly recommended to do thorough research on the various trim levels and available options for the Wrangler Jeep.

Understanding the different trims and options will help you make informed decisions and ensure that you get the exact features you desire. By knowing what you want, you can communicate your preferences clearly with the dealer, making the ordering process smoother and more accurate.

3. Checking Local Dealer Lots For Desired Specifications

While custom ordering a Wrangler Jeep is exciting, it is worth checking the local dealer lots to see if there are any vehicles that meet your desired specifications.

Sometimes, you may find that a Wrangler on the lot already has the features you want, saving you the wait time for a custom order. It’s always beneficial to explore all available options and consult with the dealer on what is currently in stock before proceeding with a custom order.

4. Finding Additional Sources Of Funding Or Discounts

Custom ordering a Wrangler Jeep allows you to create a vehicle tailored to your needs, but it can also come with a higher price tag.

Therefore, it is worth looking for additional sources of funding or discounts. This could include researching and taking advantage of any manufacturer or dealership incentives, rebates, or financing options that may be available.

Doing so can help alleviate some financial burden and make the overall cost more manageable.

5. Tracking The Build Process And Delivery Status

Once your custom order is placed, it’s crucial to stay informed about the progress of your Wrangler Jeep’s build process and delivery status.

To do this, you can obtain your Vehicle Order Number (VON) and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the dealership. These unique identifiers will allow you to track your vehicle throughout the manufacturing and delivery process.

Requesting regular status change updates from your dealer will help you stay informed and ensure that everything is on track.

6. Inspecting The Vehicle And Communicating With The Sales Manager Upon Delivery

When your Wrangler Jeep is finally ready for delivery, it’s important to thoroughly inspect it before finalizing the purchase.

Upon delivery, check for any scratches, blemishes, or damages that may have occurred during transportation. Take a test drive to ensure that everything is functioning properly and that the vehicle meets your expectations.

Additionally, make sure that all the items you ordered are present in the vehicle. If any issues or discrepancies arise, it is crucial to communicate with the sales manager to address and resolve them promptly.

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