Discover the Talented Craftsperson Who Built Ryan Martin’s Epic New Car

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

Step into the world of high-performance cars and meet Ryan Martin, the lucky owner of a stunning 1969 Camaro.

But this is no ordinary car – it’s a beast on wheels, thanks to the masterminds at B&R Performance who transformed it into a powerhouse.

Curious about who built this marvel?

Let’s explore the story behind Ryan Martin’s roaring new machine.

who built ryan martin’s new car

Ryan Martin’s new car, the Fireball Camaro, was built by B&R Performance in Oklahoma City.

Key Points:

  • Ryan Martin’s new car, the Fireball Camaro, was built by B&R Performance.
  • The car was built in Oklahoma City.
  • B&R Performance is the company that built the Fireball Camaro.
  • Ryan Martin is the owner of the newly built car.
  • The car is known as the Fireball Camaro.
  • The car building process took place at B&R Performance in Oklahoma City.

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💡 Did You Know?

1. The famous car customizer, Chip Foose, was the mastermind behind Ryan Martin’s new car design.
2. The car’s chassis was built by a renowned engineering company based in Germany, known for their expertise in high-performance vehicles.
3. Ryan Martin’s new car features a revolutionary aerodynamic design, inspired by advanced fluid dynamics principles used in aerospace engineering.
4. The engine for Martin’s car was handcrafted by a legendary engine builder who has worked with some of the most successful teams in motorsports.
5. The car’s interior design was a collaboration between Ryan Martin and a respected automotive interior specialist, known for their attention to detail and luxurious finishes.

1. Overview Of Ryan Martin’s New Car

Ryan Martin’s new car is a 1969 Camaro that has been enhanced for street and strip racing. With a powerful engine and various racing modifications, this car is specifically designed to dominate both on the track and on the street. It has undergone several upgrades from its original state, transforming into the high-performance machine it is today.

  • Enhanced 1969 Camaro
  • Designed for street and strip racing
  • Powerful engine and racing modifications

“This car is built to win races and leave competitors in the dust.”

2. Engine And Power Upgrades

The drivetrain of Ryan Martin’s new car has been upgraded to feature an LME-built LSX powerplant. This impressive engine, with a Next-Gen block measuring over 400 cubic inches, provides the car with incredible power and performance. To further enhance the engine’s capabilities, a pair of Precision Turbo mirror image turbochargers have been installed, ensuring maximum power output on demand.

  • LME-built LSX powerplant
  • Next-Gen block measuring over 400 cubic inches
  • Precision Turbo mirror image turbochargers

3. Turbocharger And Wastegate Details

The turbocharger system on Ryan Martin’s car plays a crucial role in generating the impressive horsepower numbers it can achieve. The car is equipped with twin Precision Turbochargers featuring a mirror image design. These turbochargers significantly enhance the engine’s power output. For precise control over the boost pressure, the system incorporates TurboSmart electronic wastegates. These wastegates effectively regulate the amount of boost pressure, thereby maximizing the system’s performance.

4. Fuel And Cooling System Components

To enhance the performance of Ryan Martin’s car, it utilizes E85 fuel, which enables the engine to generate more power and maintain optimal combustion. Furthermore, an Be Cool radiator is installed to ensure efficient cooling of the engine, enabling it to perform at its peak even under challenging conditions.

5. Suspension And Chassis Modifications

For optimal suspension and handling, Ryan Martin’s car is equipped with a Smith Racecraft bolt-on front end. This suspension setup delivers precise control and stability, crucial for high-speed racing. Adding to the car’s performance, Ron G Afterworks shocks, Calvert Racing leaf springs, and Caltrac bars have been incorporated, creating a winning combination of traction and suspension control.

  • Smith Racecraft bolt-on front end for optimal suspension performance
  • Ron G Afterworks shocks enhance handling
  • Calvert Racing leaf springs provide traction
  • Caltrac bars improve suspension control

“The right suspension setup can make all the difference in high-speed racing.”

6. Transmission And Drivetrain Specifications

The transmission in Ryan Martin’s car is a Turbo 400 built by M&M Transmissions, known for their high-performance capabilities. Additionally, the car is equipped with a Gear Vendors overdrive, which allows for smooth and efficient cruising at higher speeds. This transmission and drivetrain setup ensures that power is effectively transferred to the wheels, providing the car with impressive acceleration.

7. Body And Interior Features

The exterior of Ryan Martin’s car showcases various features that enhance its performance and aesthetics. It has been painted by RK Racecraft, ensuring a high-quality finish that stands out. The car also features a Glasstek carbon-fiber cowl induction hood, providing an aggressive and aerodynamic look. Inside the car, there is a TMI interior and a Dakota Digital instrument cluster, adding to the overall comfort and functionality of the vehicle.

8. Ryan Martin’s Accomplishments And Future Goals

Ryan Martin, a popular figure from the Street Outlaws TV show, has found great success in street racing. Recently, he claimed the top spot on “The List” after a thrilling race against the Fireball Camaro, which was created by B&R Performance in Oklahoma City. Ryan’s accomplishments can be attributed to his extensive experience and the incredible teamwork he has fostered. Moving forward, he remains focused on achieving even more in the world of drag racing by continuing to work hard and surrounding himself with a strong support system.

Ryan Martin’s new car is a true powerhouse in every sense. Meticulously built and modified, it boasts exceptional performance both on the street and the track. Equipped with a turbocharged LSX engine, cutting-edge components, and an impressive track record, Ryan Martin’s car is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the thrilling realm of street racing.


How much HP does Ryan Martin’s car have?

Ryan Martin’s Fireball Camaro is a force to be reckoned with, boasting an impressive horsepower of over 4,500. This beast of a machine dominates the Radial vs. The World races with its sheer power and performance. Martin’s racing program revolves around harnessing this immense horsepower to push the limits and leave competitors in awe of his speed and agility on the track.

How fast is Ryan Martin’s car?

Ryan Martin’s car is nothing short of a speed demon. This beast of a machine is equipped with a 5-inch bore space wedge engine courtesy of Pro Line Racing Engines, which delivers an incredible amount of power. With this impressive setup, the Camaro has been able to achieve a mind-boggling elapsed time of 3.94-seconds at a blistering speed of 202 mph. It’s safe to say that Ryan Martin’s car is a force to be reckoned with on the track, leaving competitors in awe of its sheer speed and performance.

How much does the fireball Camaro cost?

The Fireball Camaro comes with a hefty price tag of $90,000 for the Fireball 900 model. While it may not be affordable for most, this street-legal Camaro offers more power than a Bugatti Veyron, making it an appealing option for enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance. Although it doesn’t come with the same warranty as the Fireball 700, for some, the Fireball 900’s impressive power makes it a tempting investment despite its high price point.

What motor is in Ryan Martin’s Chevelle?

Ryan Martin’s Chevelle is equipped with a formidable powerhouse, the 1,200HP LT4 motor. Having achieved an impressive 680HP on the dyno without the supercharger, it is safe to assume that with the blower in place, the engine’s output easily surpasses the remarkable 1,000HP mark. Car enthusiasts can only dream of the exhilarating performance this motor delivers on the open road.

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