how to program mini key fob

How To Program Mini Cooper Key Fob

Last Updated on August 18, 2023

The programming and activation of a MINI Cooper is completely different. The programming part of the process is carried out by BMW experts before the key is sent out to make sure it matches the vehicle. It’s not something that you need to know. After getting it programmed, you can use it in your car. Only the keyfob programmed for your car will be eligible to be activated.

Why do you Need a Duplicate Key for your Mini Cooper?

If you want a spare key in case one gets lost, you might need a duplicate key. If you want to have another driver profile associated with your MINI Cooper, you may need a duplicate key. It’s possible that your partner or sibling is getting all your settings messed up because they are using your car.

You need a duplicate key for them to have their own Driver Profile that shows up their preferential settings, such as mirror position, climate control settings, seat adjustments, etc. Once you are back to drive your car, you have your own key and Driver Profile linked to that.

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