Stepbystep guide: 2017 Jeep Renegade thermostat replacement for optimal performance

In a world where every dollar counts, finding ways to save money without sacrificing quality becomes a thrilling challenge. Picture this: you’re driving down the road in your beloved 2017 Jeep Renegade when suddenly, your temperature gauge starts creeping towards the red zone.

Panic sets in as you imagine the hefty repair bill looming over you. But fear not, for there is a glimmer of hope.

Join me on a journey as I share my experience replacing the thermostat in my Jeep Renegade, breathing life back into my wallet. Armed with a Mopar OEM thermostat and armed with online guidance, I embarked on a money-saving adventure that could revolutionize your car maintenance game.

Buckle up and let’s dive into the fascinating world of Jeep Renegade thermostat replacement.

2017 jeep renegade thermostat replacement

When faced with a thermostat code issue on my 2017 Jeep Renegade, I decided to replace the thermostat myself in order to save money. I purchased a Mopar OEM thermostat for $64 from Rock Auto and watched two instructional videos for guidance on the replacement process.

Although I did not remove the battery as it seemed complicated, I followed the method of removing the pump from the first video. The second video provided useful information on thermostat design issues and connector workings.

Before starting the replacement, I drained the coolant and used a hose remover pick tool for radiator hose removal. Removing the back/bottom bolt of the thermostat proved to be challenging, but I managed to accomplish it by using an 8-inch straight extension and a mirror.

To hold the bottom back bolt in place, I used electrical tape. I have attached pictures to show the angle used for the difficult bolt.

Overall, I hope that my experience and pictures can be of help to others undertaking the thermostat replacement job on their 2017 Jeep Renegade.

Key Points:

  • 2017 Jeep Renegade thermostat issue led to DIY replacement
  • Mopar OEM thermostat purchased for $64 from Rock Auto
  • Two instructional videos used for guidance
  • Battery not removed due to complexity, followed pump removal method instead
  • Coolant drained, hose remover pick tool used for radiator hose removal
  • Challenging to remove bottom bolt, used 8-inch straight extension and mirror, electrical tape to hold bolt in place


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💡 Pro Tips:

1. Do thorough research: Before attempting any DIY repair job, it’s important to thoroughly research the process and familiarize yourself with the specific details of your vehicle. Look for videos, forums, and guides that provide step-by-step instructions for your particular make and model.

2. Use OEM parts: When replacing a part, it’s always best to use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. These are designed specifically for your vehicle and offer the highest quality and reliability. In the case of the 2017 Jeep Renegade thermostat replacement, the author opted for a Mopar OEM thermostat.

3. Consider removing the battery: While the author chose not to remove the battery during the replacement process, it’s worth considering as it can provide easier access and a clearer view of the area you’re working on. Just be sure to follow proper battery removal procedures and disconnect the negative terminal first.

4. Have the right tools: Having the right tools is essential for a successful DIY repair job. Invest in tools like a hose remover pick tool, 8-inch straight extension, and mirror, which can make certain tasks easier and more efficient. These tools can often be found at auto parts stores or online.

5. Take pictures and document the process: Taking pictures throughout the replacement process can be extremely helpful when you need to refer back to certain steps or angles. It’s also helpful for sharing your experience with others who may be attempting the same repair job.

Thermostat Code Issue And Decision To Replace

The author of the article owns a 2017 Jeep Renegade, which recently had a thermostat code issue. Instead of taking their vehicle to a mechanic and spending a significant amount of money on repairs, they decided to take matters into their own hands and replace the thermostat themselves.

By doing this, they hoped to save money and gain a better understanding of their vehicle’s inner workings. This decision led them on a journey to find the necessary parts and instructional resources for the replacement process.

Purchasing And Preparation For Replacement

After researching the thermostat replacement process, the author purchased a Mopar OEM thermostat for their 2017 Jeep Renegade. They found a great deal on Rock Auto, a reputable online retailer, for just $64.

This was significantly cheaper compared to what a dealership or mechanic may charge for the same part. With the new thermostat in hand, the author felt prepared to tackle the replacement.

Watching Instructional Videos For Guidance

To ensure a smooth and successful thermostat replacement, the author turned to instructional videos for guidance. They found two videos that provided step-by-step instructions for the process.

The first video demonstrated removal of the pump, which the author preferred over other methods. The second video provided insights into the thermostat’s design and the workings of its connector.

Draining Coolant And Preparing For Removal

Prior to beginning the replacement process, the author made the necessary preparations. They ensured the engine was cool before proceeding to drain the coolant.

This step is crucial to avoid any accidental spills or burns. Additionally, the author recommends using a hose remover pick tool for easier removal of the radiator hose.

With these preparations in place, they were ready to commence the removal of the old thermostat.

Challenges And Solutions During Removal Process

The removal process presented a few challenges for the author. One of the main difficulties was removing the back/bottom bolt of the thermostat.

This bolt proved to be particularly challenging due to its location. To overcome this obstacle, the author utilized an 8-inch straight extension and a mirror to access and remove the bolt.

Additionally, they used electrical tape to hold the bottom back bolt in place while loosening it.

To give readers a better understanding of the challenges faced, the author attached pictures to the article, showcasing the angle at which they approached the difficult bolt. This visual aid aims to provide assistance to others who may encounter the same challenge during their own thermostat replacement process.

Sharing Experience And Pictures For Assistance

The author concludes their article by sharing their experience and pictures to assist others who may find themselves in a similar situation. By documenting their thermostat replacement journey, they hope to help fellow Jeep Renegade owners navigate the process with greater ease and confidence.

The step-by-step guide provided in the article, along with the pictures, aims to empower readers to take on this task and achieve optimal performance from their 2017 Jeep Renegade.

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