My name is Steven Nettles, and I welcome you to, a passion-driven platform that I have specifically designed to share my extensive knowledge, experience, and fascination for vehicles. Over the years, I’ve grown from a simple automobile enthusiast to an expert in the field, and this is my way of giving back to the car community.


I have more than 20 years of hands-on experience within the automotive industry, beginning my journey as a mechanic before climbing the corporate ladder to a senior executive at a top automotive manufacturing company. My personal and professional life has always been intertwined with cars, leading to a perfect blend of passion and professional knowledge.


Possessing a Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering, my expertise encompasses all aspects of automobiles – from mechanics to advanced vehicle technologies, vehicle safety, emissions and environmental impact, and the evolving electric vehicle sector. I’m also a certified automotive technician capable of troubleshooting and effectively resolving complex automobile-related problems.


I have authored multiple articles in leading automotive magazines and have given various presentations at international auto conferences. Recognized as an authoritative figure, I have been consulted by multitudes of vehicle owners globally. Furthermore, my credibility in vehicle reviews is forged on honest, unbiased opinions.


Building trust is essential, and this has been my mantra since the inception of Over the years, I’ve earned the trust and respect of numerous readers, manufacturers, and fellow auto enthusiasts. Strictly adhering to the code of ethics, my commitment to providing accurate and comprehensive information is unwavering.

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My key objective is to use as a platform for sharing detailed reviews, articles, and the latest news about cars in a simple, understandable manner. Whether you are an auto enthusiast, a potential car owner, or looking for advice on maintenance and safety, [Your Website] has got you covered.

Here, I commit to delivering:

  • Comprehensive Car Reviews: Extensive vehicle tests and detailed reviews on a wide range of cars.
  • Industry News and Trends: The latest information on vehicle technologies, updates, and market trends.
  • Tips and Advice: Valuable recommendations on vehicle maintenance, safety, and eco-driving.

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