How To Open Mini Cooper Key Fob

Last Updated on August 18, 2023

The first thing you might think of is that the Mini Cooper key fob needs to be replaced. This may not always be the case, since there is always a chance to save it.

Before you order a replacement key for the MINI Cooper, you need to make sure the key is working and the battery is working. If you do manage to rescue it, we will show you how to replace your MINI Cooper key fob without having to visit the dealership.

When to Replace your Mini Cooper Key Fob?

If you tried to replace the battery and reactivate, neither works to open key fob. The time has come to say goodbye to your old key fob. It will be a perfect choice to replace our MINI Cooper key fob.

The key for the MINI Cooper is pre-coded and vehicle-specific. It doesn’t have to be difficult to replace a worn or lost key for the MINI Cooper. You just need a spare one.

You need to remember that orders for MINI Cooper key replacement can’t be placed without the vehicle’s evidence of ownership. You need to send a copy of the ownership proof along with your driver’s license to us once you’ve placed an order.

The MINI Cooper key order is non-refundable and cannot be canceled.

How to Open Mini Cooper Key Fob

If you can’t open Mini Cooper key fob, you can follow these steps to solve the problem.

The Battery Replacement

Your current key fob remote isn’t working as it used to. It is not hard to replace the battery for your MINI Cooper. The Mini Cooper parts department has the batteries you need. The CR 2032 batteries are what you need at the hardware store.

Depending on your car generation, the activation procedure will vary, but the most involved process is the same for the MINIs produced since July 2004.

The New Key Test

When you test the keys, make sure to check out the lock unlock features and other features that are included in the MINI Cooper.

All you have to do is insert the key into the ignition and it will work without you having to go through any of the steps above.

If your MINI Cooper does not come with the traditional ignition, you can skip step one. All you have to do is press the on button while the doors and windows are closed. While your car is in accessory mode, you should take two and three steps. You might have to do a manual reset if your vehicle isn’t closing.

Reprogram the Key

Maybe you have lost your current key. Or it could be that the features of your MINI Cooper aren’t working as they should after you changed the battery for your key fob.

You will need to reprogram the key and pair it with the car in this event.

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