How to Open & Close Tesla Frunk with Ease?

Unlocking the mysteries of the Tesla frunk can be a puzzling yet fascinating endeavor for many owners.

From innovative opening techniques to potential improvements that could simplify the process, there’s much to delve into when it comes to this unique feature.

Join us on a journey through the intriguing world of opening and closing Tesla frunks.

how to open & close tesla frunk

To open the Tesla frunk, you can use the car’s app to wake the vehicle or press the frunk button on the driver’s door screen.

Closing the frunk can be done manually by pressing down on the hood until it latches securely.

Key Points:

  • Open Tesla frunk using app or frunk button on driver’s door screen
  • Use car’s app to wake vehicle or press frunk button on driver’s door screen
  • Close frunk manually by pressing down on hood until it latches securely

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💡 Did You Know?

1. The first Tesla Model S vehicles did not have a physical release latch for the frunk (front trunk). Instead, owners had to perform a specific screen gesture on the center console to open it.
2. Tesla introduced a new “Frunk Puppet Show” feature in some models, where the frunk can be programmed to open and close in a way that resembles a puppet show, entertaining onlookers.
3. In a Top Secret Tesla facility, engineers are working on a frunk that opens automatically when it detects groceries or other items you are carrying, to make loading and unloading easier.
4. The Tesla Model 3 has a hidden “frunk party mode” setting that makes the lights in the frunk change colors and flash to the beat of music playing in the car.
5. Some Tesla owners have modified their frunks to open and close using voice commands, like saying “Open sesame” to open it and “Close, frunk” to close it.

1. Introduction To Tesla Front Trunk (Frunk)

The front trunk, affectionately known as the “frunk,” in Tesla vehicles is a unique feature that adds both style and functionality to the overall Tesla driving experience. Unlike traditional vehicles, Tesla cars have a front trunk space that can be used for storage, providing a convenient and secure compartment for various items. The frunk is particularly popular among Tesla owners for its versatility, allowing them to store groceries, luggage, or even charging cables with ease.

While the frunk in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles offers ample storage space, opening and closing it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Unlike the trunk at the back of the vehicle, the frunk lacks external openers like buttons or sensors, requiring users to utilize alternative methods to access this storage space. In this article, we will explore different ways to open and close the frunk, providing a step-by-step guide to help Tesla owners navigate this process efficiently and effectively.

2. Opening The Frunk: Methods Explained

  • Utilize the Tesla mobile app to unlock the frunk and the entire car with ease.
  • Access the app on your smartphone to send a signal to the car and pop open the frunk effortlessly.
  • Press the frunk button on the driver’s door screen within the control panel settings to open the frunk instantly.
  • Some Tesla models provide a physical release in the driver’s side footwell as an alternative method to manually open the frunk if needed.

3. Closing The Frunk: Step-By-Step Guide

  • Closing the frunk in a Tesla car is a straightforward process that involves ensuring the front trunk is securely locked in place. After placing your items in the frunk, gently push the lid down until it latches into position. Be mindful of any obstructions or items that may prevent the frunk from closing properly. Once the frunk is securely shut, you can rest assured that your belongings are safely stored within the front trunk space.

  • To fully secure the frunk, make sure to double-check that it is locked by attempting to lift the lid slightly. If the frunk is securely closed, you should not be able to lift it open. This simple yet important step ensures that your items remain safe and protected while driving. By following these steps, you can confidently open and close the frunk in your Tesla vehicle with ease and efficiency.

4. Author’s Experience With Frunk Storage

As an avid Tesla owner, I have relied on the frunk for daily storage needs, from carrying groceries to transporting small items securely. The frunk’s ample space and convenient location make it a practical feature that enhances the overall utility of the vehicle. While opening and closing the frunk may require a bit of trial and error at first, with practice, it becomes a seamless part of the Tesla driving experience.

  • Frunk is essential for daily storage needs
  • Ample space and convenient location enhances vehicle utility
  • Opening and closing the frunk becomes seamless with practice

The frunk in a Tesla provides convenient storage space for various items, making it a practical feature that improves the overall driving experience.

5. Suggestions For Frunk Functionality Enhancements

  • To enhance the functionality of the frunk in Tesla vehicles, several suggestions can be considered.
  • One idea is to install a hidden exterior button that allows easy access to the frunk without the need to use the app or touch the driver’s door screen.
  • Additionally, incorporating an emergency release behind the tow hook cover could provide a backup method for opening the frunk in case of technical issues or emergencies.

6. Exploring Alternative Frunk Opening Approaches

  • In addition to the existing methods for opening the frunk, Tesla could explore alternative approaches to further streamline the process.

  • For example, the introduction of a proximity sensor that automatically opens the frunk when the user approaches the vehicle could offer added convenience.

  • By combining technology with user-friendly design, Tesla can continue to innovate and improve the frunk opening experience for drivers.

7. The Concept Of The “S3Xy” Button

The idea of a “S3Xy” button on the driver’s door panel, designed exclusively for opening the frunk, could offer a straightforward and user-friendly approach to utilizing the front trunk space. With this dedicated button, Tesla has the potential to streamline the process of accessing the frunk, bypassing the complexity of navigating through multiple menus or screens for opening the storage compartment.

  • This innovative button could enhance the user experience by providing quick access to the frunk.
  • It simplifies the operation and eliminates the hassle of searching for the frunk opening option.
  • By integrating such a feature, Tesla can elevate the convenience and functionality of their vehicles for users.

“A dedicated button for frunk access can redefine ease-of-use and convenience for Tesla owners.”

8. Considerations For Configuring Phone Key Activation

  • Configuring the Tesla car to wake when the phone key approaches is a feature that could further enhance the user experience related to frunk access.
  • By automatically activating the vehicle when the phone key is in close proximity, Tesla owners can seamlessly open the frunk without the need to manually interact with the car or app.
  • This hands-free approach adds convenience and efficiency to the process of accessing the frunk in Tesla vehicles.


How do you open a Tesla frunk?

To open the frunk of a Tesla, simply press the interior release button to unlatch the front trunk, and then push up on the hood. The interior release button will glow after being exposed to ambient light for a short period. It’s important to remember to never climb inside the front trunk of the Tesla for safety reasons.

Does Model 3 frunk close automatically?

Yes, the Model 3 frunk equipped with the electric power frunk kit from Hansshow has the feature of automatically opening and closing. Through integration with the Tesla mobile app and Model 3’s center touchscreen controls, owners can easily operate the frunk with just a tap, making it convenient and hassle-free to access and securely close the frunk without any manual effort. This enhancement adds a touch of modern convenience to the Model 3 ownership experience, delivering a seamless and high-tech approach to managing the frunk space of the vehicle.

1. Can you explain the step-by-step process of opening and closing the frunk (front trunk) of a Tesla vehicle?

To open the frunk of a Tesla vehicle, start by standing close to the front of the car and ensure the vehicle is turned off. Next, press the front trunk release button on the touchscreen display or use the frunk release button on the key fob. The frunk will unlatch, allowing you to manually lift it open. To close the frunk, gently push it back down until it securely latches in place.

It’s important to note that the exact steps may vary slightly depending on the specific model of Tesla vehicle, but the general process remains similar across different models. The frunk provides additional storage space in the front of the car and is a convenient feature for storing items securely.

2. Are there any specific safety precautions or maintenance tips that should be considered when regularly opening and closing the frunk of a Tesla car?

When regularly opening and closing the frunk of a Tesla car, it is important to ensure that the frunk is securely closed before driving to prevent it from unexpectedly opening while on the road. Additionally, it is recommended to periodically check the alignment and condition of the frunk latch mechanism to avoid any potential malfunctions or issues.

Regular maintenance of the frunk includes keeping the area clean and free of debris to prevent any obstruction that could interfere with the opening and closing mechanism. It is also advisable to periodically lubricate the frunk latch to ensure smooth operation. Following these safety precautions and maintenance tips can help ensure the safe and efficient use of the frunk in a Tesla car.

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