Best Wide Body Kit for Mini Cooper

best wide body kit for mini cooper

Mini Cooper is one of the most adored cars ever produced by BMW, even after so many years. It also has an enormous fan base in the US and other countries. Everyone loves modifying their Mini’s to improve their looks, speed, or just because they can! 

As mentioned above, there are plenty of modifications available when it comes to Mini Coopers, but if you want to modify your car wide then you might find yourself at quite a loss for information about what kits are available. So here I am with the best custom fit wide body kit for Mini Cooper (2007- 2013), which will definitely make heads turn wherever you go.

What is a Wide Body Kit for Mini Cooper?

A wide-body kit for Mini Cooper is a set of body kits that are designed to widen your mini cooper & make it look more stylish.  A wide-body kit makes a Mini Cooper look very stylish and sporty. It is the same as you would see on F1 cars. 

This modification requires cutting the edges of your car and placing another piece in between these two cut edges so that the gap is reduced & one can fit big rims over it. This style of modification gives an illusion of speed especially because it looks like a sports car rather than a mini cooper which we all know it to be.

Mostly fiberglass, carbon fiber, or plastic is used for this kind of modification because they do not mold or bend according to temperature changes and they are very tough.

Best Wide Body Kit for Mini Cooper

This article focuses on the best custom fit wide body kit for Mini Cooper (2007- 2013). All these kits are available to order and do not require any special skills or fabrication knowledge to install. They also provide an easy installation process without having to pay huge labor costs! The following kits are listed in order of their popularity based on customer feedback, so you can choose according to your preference.

Custom Rear Bumper

The first kit that I have selected is the rear bumper kit from Duraflex. This kit offers an aggressive look with its widened body lines while being budget-friendly at the same time. 

Duraflex has been producing body kits for many years with experience in fiberglass cloth and resin premium quality materials to ensure that their products are of superior durability. This particular kit can be installed using simple hand tools or with help from a friend, without having to worry about any special skills required.

Once installed, this rear bumper will give your Cooper S an improved stance which you will not achieve through ordinary aftermarket accessories. The dimensions of the rear flares are as follows:

  • Width: 44mm (1 3/4″)            
  • Length: 188mm (7 5/8″)            
  • Height: 36mm (1 5/8″)            
  • Wheel Arch Width: 53mm (2 1/16″)            
  • Wheel Arch Height: 36mm (1 5/8″)

If you are looking for an affordable kit to give your car a wide appearance, then this is the best-fit custom wide body kit for Mini Cooper.

Custom Front Bumper

The second wide-body kit that I have selected is the front bumper from Duraflex. Now if you love unique designs on your car or simply want to make it more aggressive and sporty, then this front bumper will be perfect as it features an all-new design with enlarged air intakes and screws around the fog lamps.

  • Width : 52mm (2 1/16″)            
  • Length: 275mm (10 7/8″)                        
  • Height: 45mm (1 3/4″)             
  • Wheel Arch Width: 50mm (2″)                       

 Style Bumper Kit

The third wide body kit in this list is the style bumper from Duraflex. This front bumper features a unique styling design with rounded edges for your Mini Cooper. It fits onto the stock mounting points and includes a mesh grill for protection. In addition to that, it also features a cooling air intake beneath each headlight for additional engine ventilation.

  • Width : 53mm (2 1/16″)            
  • Length: 271mm (10 7/8″)                       
  • Height: 95mm (3 3/4″)            
  • Wheel Arch Width: 55mm (2 1/8″)                       

Front Nose

The fourth wide body kit in this list is the front nose from Duraflex. This polyurethane front chin spoiler will give you an aggressive look without looking too flashy. It features a hybrid design by combining both fiberglass and polyurethane materials together to give it additional strength against impact.

  • Width : 53mm (2 1/16″)            
  • Length: 271mm (10 7/8″)                       
  • Height: 100mm (3 15/16″)            
  • Wheel Arch Width: 50mm (2″)                  
  • Side Skirts + 

Rear Quarter Panels

The fifth wide body kit in this list is the side skirts and rear quarter panels from Duraflex. Unlike other side skirts, this particular kit features rounded edges on both the front and rear sections of the car. These are full replacement components which means they can be installed onto your existing Mini Cooper without having to take them to an auto body shop for customization. The dimensions of these parts are as follows:

  • Width (front section): 49mm (1 15/16″)                           
  • Length (rear section): 684mm (26 1/4″)                            
  • Height (rear section): 28mm (1 1/16″)                            
  • Wheel Arch Width: 50mm (2″)

Custom Style Trunk Spoiler 

Finally, the last wide body kit in this list is the custom-style trunk spoiler from Duraflex. This is a full replacement part which means it can be installed without any kind of customization and also includes all the mounting hardware (screws and bolts). With this kit, you will be able to add an aggressive style to your trunk while improving its aerodynamic performance at the same time.

  • Width: 65mm (2 9/16″)                        
  • Length: 300mm (11 13/16″)            
  • Height: 100mm (3 15/16″)            
  • Wheel Arch Width: 50mm (2″)


I know that there are countless wide-body kits for Mini Cooper on the market right now, but these five are definitely some of the best out there. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and look forward to bringing you more useful information in the future!

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