Ls Swap Mini Cooper

Ls Swap Mini Cooper

The LS swap is a very popular engine swap for many different cars. It is possible to LS swap a MINI Cooper, but the long-term reliability of the engine is questionable.

Is It Possible To LS Swap A MINI Cooper

With so many different kinds of engines to choose from, the first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of LS engine you want to put in your MINI Cooper. This includes deciding whether or not you want an older or newer engine, a four-cylinder or a V6, and if it is gas or diesel.

If price is your concern, then the V6 engine is the more affordable choice for fuel efficiency and for driving on tight city streets. However, the V8 offers a more powerful and smoother ride.

Next, you need to find out what transmission type is available for your MINI Cooper’s LS engine. You may have an automatic or manual transmission available or might be forced to choose between the two types.

Automatic transmissions are more expensive than manual transmissions but are better for fuel efficiency in highway driving conditions.

Manual transmissions, on the other hand, provide much more control over your MINI Cooper’s engine and offer a more engaging driving experience.
Next, you need to decide on what type of wheels you want for your MINI Cooper so that you know what size tire is required and can plan accordingly.

Finally, find out whether or not your MINI Cooper has ABS brakes.

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