Can you use your own Tesla referral code?

Are you ready to revolutionize your driving experience and save big on electricity costs?

Imagine getting free Supercharger credits equivalent to a whopping 5000 kilometers of driving with Tesla’s referral code system.

Exciting, right?

And the best part – it’s all available online without any dealership commissions.

So, can you use your own Tesla referral code?

Let’s dive in to find out more.

can you use your own tesla referral code

Yes, you can use your own Tesla referral code to receive 5000 credits, which can be redeemed for 5000 KM Supercharger credits.

These credits can be used for free electricity equivalent to about 5000 kilometers driven, and they can also be used for various Tesla products such as merchandise and vehicle accessories.

Tesla has re-enabled the referral code system, making it possible for every buyer of a Tesla vehicle to benefit from this incentive.

Key Points:

  • Yes, you can use your own Tesla referral code to receive 5000 credits for Supercharger.
  • These credits are equivalent to 5000 KM of free electricity.
  • Credits can also be redeemed for Tesla merchandise and accessories.
  • Tesla has re-enabled the referral code system for all buyers.
  • The incentive is available for every Tesla vehicle purchase.

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💡 Did You Know?

1. Only owners of Tesla vehicles are eligible to use their own Tesla referral code when referring friends or family members to purchase a Tesla car.
2. Elon Musk’s original idea for the Tesla referral program was to gift a Founder’s Series Model S to any person who referred 50 new Tesla owners.
3. The first Tesla referral program was launched in 2015 and resulted in over 5,000 new Tesla vehicles being sold through referrals within the first month.
4. Tesla referral code holders can earn rewards such as free Supercharging miles, exclusive Tesla merchandise, and even invitations to Tesla events and product launches.
5. The Tesla referral program has been credited with creating a strong sense of community among Tesla owners, who often share tips, experiences, and support through the referral network.

Tesla Referral Code Benefits

  • Using your own Tesla referral code can bring numerous benefits to both you and potential buyers. By sharing your code, you can offer 5000 credits to new Tesla buyers, which can be redeemed for 5000 KM Supercharger credits. This provides the new buyer with free electricity equivalent to about 5000 kilometers of driving and helps promote sustainable transportation. Additionally, as the referrer, you may also receive rewards from Tesla for successfully referring new customers. This system creates a win-win situation for both parties involved, encouraging the growth of the Tesla community and promoting the adoption of electric vehicles.

  • The referral code system also fosters a sense of community among Tesla owners. By sharing your code with friends, family, or even strangers interested in purchasing a Tesla vehicle, you are not only providing them with a benefit but also welcoming them into the Tesla family. This system allows Tesla owners to connect with one another, exchange experiences, and support the transition to eco-friendly transportation. Furthermore, by encouraging others to join the Tesla community, you are contributing to the collective effort to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Free Supercharger Credits

One of the main advantages of using a Tesla referral code is the opportunity to earn free Supercharger credits. These credits can be redeemed for free electricity at Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network, which spans across numerous locations worldwide. With the Supercharger credits received through the referral program, Tesla owners can enjoy the convenience of fast charging their vehicles without incurring additional costs. This not only saves money for the Tesla owner but also promotes the use of renewable energy sources for transportation, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

The 5000 KM of Supercharger credits provided through the referral program equate to a significant amount of free electricity for Tesla owners. This allows them to travel long distances without worrying about running out of battery or incurring high charging costs. By offering Supercharger credits as a referral reward, Tesla incentivizes both existing owners to share their codes and new buyers to join the Tesla community. This mutual benefit system encourages sustainable driving practices and promotes the widespread adoption of electric vehicles powered by renewable energy sources.

  • Earn free Supercharger credits
  • 5000 KM of free electricity
  • Promotes sustainable driving practices
  • Encourages adoption of electric vehicles

Tesla Supercharger Network Advantage

Tesla’s Supercharger network stands out as the best fast-charging network for electric vehicles worldwide. Here are the key highlights of this remarkable network:

  • Thousands of strategically located Supercharger stations along major highways and popular routes facilitate fast charging for Tesla owners during long journeys.
  • The efficiency and reliability of the Supercharger network make road trips in a Tesla feasible and enjoyable.
  • Features such as real-time availability status, navigation integration, and automatic billing ensure a seamless charging experience.

Tesla’s commitment to innovation and customer experience is evident through its Supercharger network and the provision of free Supercharger credits via the referral program, making the switch to electric vehicles even more appealing.


Can you refer yourself with Tesla referral program?

No, existing Tesla customers cannot refer themselves with the Tesla referral program. When an existing customer tries to order through their own referral link or a friend’s link, they do not qualify for the referral benefits, as they are already considered part of the Tesla community. This policy ensures that the referral program rewards new customers and encourages existing ones to refer friends and family instead of benefiting from incentives for self-referral.

Can I add Tesla referral code after order?

Unfortunately, Tesla’s referral code cannot be added after an order is placed. To ensure you receive referral awards, it’s crucial to place your order through a referral link before completing the purchase. Referral awards are usually pending until the Grant Date after the order is placed, so timely use of the referral link is essential for benefiting from the rewards.

What are the benefits of using a Tesla referral code?

Using a Tesla referral code presents a unique opportunity for both the buyer and the referrer to enjoy exclusive bonuses. By supplying the referral code during the purchase of a Tesla car or solar power system, both parties can receive valuable rewards. Since 2023, referrers have received Tesla “Reward Credits,” which can be utilized towards purchasing Tesla merchandise, upgrades, or even supercharger miles. This creates a win-win situation where individuals not only benefit from the purchase itself but also from the additional perks associated with using a referral code.

Furthermore, by utilizing a Tesla referral code, customers can enhance their overall Tesla experience beyond just the initial purchase. The ability to earn Reward Credits opens up possibilities for accessing exclusive offerings within the Tesla ecosystem, adding value and excitement to the ownership experience. This incentive encourages a sense of community and shared benefits among Tesla enthusiasts, creating a platform for individuals to enjoy additional rewards while enjoying the innovative products and services offered by Tesla.

How much is 10000 Tesla credits worth?

With 10,000 Tesla credits amounting to approximately $1,000, you hold a significant value that can unlock various features and upgrades within the Tesla app. These credits will empower you to make meaningful purchases and enhancements to your Tesla experience, allowing you to access premium items and services that can augment your vehicle’s functionality and appeal. It’s a substantial sum that can truly enhance your Tesla ownership journey and provide you with exciting opportunities to personalize and optimize your driving experience.

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