Do Tesla Employees Get a Free Tesla?

Everyone interested in owning an electric vehicle has heard of Tesla, and some may even wonder, “Do Tesla employees get a free Tesla?” The answer might not be what you’d expect.

Tesla’s Employee Discount Program

Tesla does offer its employees incentives to purchase their vehicles, and their unique Employee Purchase Program (EPP) is one such benefit. However, contrary to popular belief, these discounts are not massive.

Tesla employees receive a discount on the Model S and Model X, which amounts to $2,000 off for a new Model S and $4,000 off for a new Model X. Still, the employee purchase program doesn’t offer major car discounts or a free Tesla to its employees.

Extra Perks Beyond Vehicle Discounts

While a free Tesla may not be part of the deal, working for Tesla does come with some desirable benefits. Tesla employees enjoy comprehensive medical coverage, a 401(k), and generous PTO. But, the benefits extend beyond the standard. Employees also receive equity grants and discounted stock, which is another way the company invests in its employees.

Limited-Time Referral Programs and Charging

Occasionally, Tesla introduces limited-time referral programs with purchasing incentives such as free supercharging. While this isn’t a free car, it’s a valuable perk that can mitigate running costs. Besides, some employees have reported free charging at work, adding another benefit.


While free Teslas are not part of the benefits package for Tesla employees, that doesn’t mean they’re left without perks. Significant discounts on some car models, other financial benefits, and extra perks make working for Tesla an attractive proposition for prospective employees.

Understanding the facts can help to dispel misconceptions and rumors about Tesla’s benefits for its employees. Hopefully, this article has answered the question comprehensively and accurately.

Considering the shifting landscapes of both Tesla and the wider automotive industry, continuous updates are necessary. Following the trend, our further articles will continue fulfilling the reader’s need for updated information.

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