How to Get Your Tesla Referral Code?

Navigating the intricacies of Tesla’s referral program can seem daunting at first. Still, with the right information, Tesla owners and prospective buyers can unlock a range of benefits. This guide will reveal how to access your Tesla referral code, ensuring you take full advantage of this program.

Understanding the Tesla Referral Program

The Tesla Referral Program is a scheme designed by Tesla Motors to encourage existing owners to refer Tesla’s products to new customers. In return, the referrer receives certain rewards, which, depending on Tesla’s current offers, could range from Supercharging miles to credits towards future services or even rare opportunities, like invitations to Tesla events.

How to Find Your Tesla Referral Code?

For Tesla Owners:

  1. Accessing via the Tesla App:
    • Launch the Tesla app.
    • Tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) located in the top right corner.
    • Select “Refer and Earn” or a similarly named option.
    • Your referral code, along with details on the rewards you can earn for referrals, will be displayed here.
  2. Sharing Your Referral Code:
    • From the referral page, Tesla allows you to directly share your referral link through various methods, including text messages and social media, by selecting contacts from your list.
  3. Checking Your Referral History:
    • The Tesla app not only lets you find and share your referral code but also allows you to view your history of referrals. This way, you can keep track of rewards you’ve earned.

For Prospective Buyers:

If you’re in the market for a Tesla and do not yet own one, acquiring a referral code is straightforward. Visit forums like the Tesla Motors Club or explore Tesla-dedicated groups on social media. Many current owners are happy to share their codes with prospective buyers.

FAQs About Tesla Referral Codes

Do Tesla Referral Codes Still Work?
Yes. Tesla periodically updates its referral program, so it’s essential to check the latest terms and conditions via the official Tesla website or the Tesla app.

Can I Add a Tesla Referral Code After Placing My Order?
Tesla generally requires referral codes to be applied at the time of order. However, if you forgot to use a referral code, contacting Tesla’s customer service immediately after placing the order might help, but it’s not guaranteed.

Is the Tesla Referral Program Only for Solar Products?
While the referral program initially focused on Tesla vehicles, it has expanded to include Tesla’s solar products in certain periods. Always check the current scope of the referral program on Tesla’s website.

Maximizing the Benefits of Your Tesla Referral Code

Share your referral code with friends and family interested in Tesla products. Social media platforms, electric vehicle forums, and personal blogs are great places to promote your referral code. Remember, the more people use your code, the more rewards you can rack up.


Using the Tesla referral program is an excellent way for Tesla owners and enthusiasts to earn rewards while promoting sustainable transportation. Whether you’re an existing owner or thinking about purchasing a Tesla, understanding how to find, share, and utilize the referral code can bring added benefits to your Tesla experience.

Stay updated with Tesla’s referral program changes by regularly checking the official Tesla website or app, and ensure you share your code responsibly to maximize the mutual benefits of this program.

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