How to Use Cruise Control Tesla Model 3?

Curious about how to make your Tesla Model 3 cruise control work its magic?

Discover the simple steps to activate Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, maintain safe driving practices, and unlock the convenience of hands-free travel.

Learn how to unleash the power of automation while staying vigilant on the road.

how to use cruise control tesla model 3

To use cruise control on the Tesla Model 3, activate Traffic-Aware Cruise Control through the Autopilot settings on the touchscreen display.

Ensure you are on a controlled-access highway, set your cruising speed using the steering wheel controls, and let the system adjust speed based on GPS data.

Remain alert, keep hands on the wheel, and be ready to resume manual control.

Cruise control is for comfort, but safety and awareness must be maintained at all times.

Key Points:

  • Activate Traffic-Aware Cruise Control in Autopilot settings on touchscreen
  • Set cruising speed on controlled-access highway using steering wheel controls
  • Let system adjust speed based on GPS data
  • Remain alert and keep hands on the wheel
  • Be ready to resume manual control
  • Maintain safety and awareness while using cruise control

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💡 Did You Know?

1. The cruise control feature on the Tesla Model 3 allows for a smooth driving experience by automatically adjusting speed to maintain a set distance from vehicles ahead.
2. The Tesla Model 3’s cruise control system is capable of recognizing speed limit signs and adjusting speed accordingly, helping drivers stay within legal limits.
3. If the Tesla Model 3’s cruise control is engaged and the driver changes lanes, the car will automatically adjust speed to keep a safe distance from surrounding vehicles.
4. When using cruise control on the Tesla Model 3, the driver can easily adjust the following distance setting to suit their driving preferences, from short to long.
5. The cruise control on the Tesla Model 3 is designed to promote a more efficient driving style, helping reduce fuel consumption and minimize wear on brake systems.

1. Activating Traffic-Aware Cruise Control

  • To begin utilizing the cruise control feature on the Tesla Model 3, you must first activate Traffic-Aware Cruise Control.
  • This can be done by accessing the Autopilot settings on the touchscreen display of the vehicle.
  • By engaging this feature, you enable the car to automatically adjust its speed and maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead, providing a more comfortable driving experience.

  • Once activated, you will notice the car detecting the traffic around you and adjusting its speed accordingly.

  • This advanced system uses sensors and cameras to monitor the road conditions and ensure a smooth driving experience.
  • By following the prompts on the screen and confirming your settings, you can start enjoying the benefits of cruise control on your Tesla Model 3.

2. Suitable Road Conditions

To make the most of Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, it is crucial to ensure you are driving in suitable road conditions. This feature is most effective on controlled-access highways where there is steady traffic flow and minimal interruptions. By avoiding congested city streets or winding roads, you can optimize the performance of cruise control and enjoy a consistent driving experience.

When planning your route, consider the road conditions and choose highways or freeways that will allow you to make the most of this feature. By driving in the right environment, you can enhance the functionality of Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and experience a more relaxing and efficient driving experience in your Tesla Model 3.

  • Ensure suitable road conditions for Traffic-Aware Cruise Control effectiveness.
  • Optimize performance by driving on controlled-access highways.
  • Choose highways with steady traffic flow for best results.
  • Enhance driving experience by avoiding congested city streets or winding roads.

3. Setting Cruising Speed

One of the key aspects of using cruise control on the Tesla Model 3 is setting your desired cruising speed. This can be easily done using the controls on the steering wheel, allowing you to adjust your speed with just a few simple clicks. By selecting a comfortable cruising speed, you can enjoy a consistent drive without constantly having to monitor your speedometer.

When setting your cruising speed, remember to consider the traffic conditions and adjust accordingly to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles in front of you. By finding the right balance between speed and safety, you can make the most of the cruise control feature on your Tesla Model 3 and enjoy a more relaxed driving experience.

  • Set your desired cruising speed using controls on the steering wheel
  • Consider traffic conditions to maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front


Does Tesla Model 3 have adaptive cruise control?

Yes, the Tesla Model 3 is equipped with Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, which functions similarly to adaptive cruise control. This feature not only maintains a set driving speed but also adjusts the car’s speed to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you. Therefore, the Tesla Model 3 does have adaptive cruise control capabilities, enhancing both convenience and safety for drivers on the road.

Is Tesla Autopilot the same as cruise control?

No, Tesla Autopilot is not the same as traditional cruise control. While basic Autopilot includes Traffic-Aware Cruise Control which maintains speed and following distance like cruise control, it also includes Autosteer functionality. Autosteer allows the vehicle to steer within a lane, making it a more advanced feature compared to standard cruise control systems. Therefore, Tesla Autopilot offers a higher level of automation in terms of both speed control and steering assistance, going beyond the capabilities of traditional cruise control.

How do you use the Autopilot on a Tesla Model 3?

To engage Autopilot on a Tesla Model 3, you simply need to double-tap the gear lever downwards quickly while on a highway. This will activate Navigate on Autopilot, allowing the car to assist with steering, acceleration, and braking. It’s a sleek and intuitive way to enable advanced driving features on the Model 3.

For older Model S and Model X vehicles made between 2012-2021, engaging Navigate on Autopilot is as easy as pulling the cruise stalk towards you twice in quick succession while on a highway. This action activates the system’s capabilities on these models, providing a seamless driving experience for those looking to take advantage of Tesla’s innovative technology.

How do I turn on cruise control?

To activate the cruise control system in your vehicle, locate the buttons on your steering wheel labeled with symbols such as “cruise” or “SET.” Press the “ON” button to activate the system, then use the “SET” button to set your desired cruising speed. Adjust your speed up or down using the appropriate buttons on the steering wheel, and when you’re ready to deactivate cruise control, simply press the “OFF” button or tap the brake pedal. Enjoy the convenience of cruising on the open road with ease!

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