best mini cooper s exhaust

Best Mini Cooper S Exhaust

Last Updated on August 18, 2023

Are you ready for a simple upgrade yet a radical transformation on your Mini Cooper S? Well, with the right choice of exhaust, you can turn it from a simple car to an eye-turner. The exhaust system serves as an escape route for burnt gasses from the engine.

The exhaust determines how your engine takes in fresh air to burn and generate power. It regulates the flow of gases and fumes from your engine into the atmosphere and prevents pollutants from entering your vehicle. With the right upgrade, your engine performance would improve and attain new speed.

So, are you eager to give your Mini Cooper S exhaust a whole new look? Well, we’ve got a great list of the best Mini Cooper S exhausts that will intrigue you. Remember, it will be more than just look upgrades, but an impressive improvement on performance as well.

Best Mini Cooper S Exhaust Reviewed for 2022

If you want to make your Mini Cooper S stand out from the crowd, it might be time for an upgrade. However, with so many exhaust systems on the market today, you can’t really know which will best suit your Mini Cooper’s needs. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best options on the market and their pros and cons.

Invidia HS05MCSGTT Exhaust

If you are looking for a perfect balance of both performance and price, Invidia HS05MCSGTT Exhaust is an impressive pick. Structured using stainless steel, this system has a great lifespan. Its durable material can handle extreme weather changes and take on rough terrain.

Finished with a shiny polish, the striking look can’t go unnoticed. It’s enough to give your mini the glow it deserves. It comes with a mandrel-bent system that guarantees smooth and maximum exhaust flow improving your car performance due to unrestricted breathability.

Also, this system is effective in preventing back pressure, thus enhancing the exit of exhaust and maximizes engine power. And if performance on the road was what you had in mind, the exhaust provides from mid-top range torque. Also, it provides an impressive boost in horsepower during acceleration. Lastly, the sound is moderate, which is good enough for those not interested in roaring sound.


  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Provides an impressive horsepower and engine torque boost
  • Tip variants with a common burnt tip finish
  • Boosts your engines throttle response
  • Having minimum bent, the exhaust guarantees smooth engine exhale with limited restriction from turbulence.


  • Installation is quite intricate and may require an expert.

Invidia HS14MCSG3T Q300 Cat-Back

If you are an engine power enthusiast, then Invidia HS14MCSG3T Q300 Cat-Back will wow you. We are talking about a high-performance boost, giving your ride astonishing power and speed. It’s designed using Mandrel-bent to ensure turbulence doesn’t affect your engine when it breathes out. As a result, the torque and horsepower remain flawless at high speed.

Also, it comes with a premium titanium tip built, enough to strike the attention of the public. The high-end build quality ensures it can take on pressure and last longer in service. This exhaust utilizes a flat bottom style for perfect ground clearance and excellent aerodynamics when revving on the track. What’s more, it comes in handy when generating an inspiring sporty sound that will impress racing car enthusiasts.

 The innovative exhaust style cuts back on backpressure and this provides support for higher throttle response, torque, and horsepower. The stainless steel body is resistant to corrosion and offers an extensive lifespan. The exhaust system has straightforward built.

Therefore, installation is easier if you want to do it yourself. Also, it comes with basic installation ware as a complete package. If you have another vehicle besides your Mini S that deserves this treatment, check out various sizes of Invidia HS14MCSG3T exhaust.


  • Unbeatable durability
  • Impressive quality
  • Extensive lifespan
  • Best for high-performance upgrade
  • Suitable for both ordinary and performance car
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Various sizes available


  • Not suitable for those looking for loud muffler sound

MagnaFlow 15490 Touring Series Exhaust Kit

Quality, Sound, and Performance are three amazing features that define this exhaust kit for your Mini S. It’s perfect for your vehicle if you want a better economy without sacrificing performance and engine power. The exhaust build style combines straight through and mandrel-bent tunnels for optimum exhaust flow.

As a result, it provides a grand boost in torque and horsepower. For quality reassurance, the system has gone through dyno testing and the results are impressive. Further, it has stainless steel structure for a stand-out look and durability while in service. To those who love the sporty sound feel without drawing too much attention, this system will do. The exhaust sound comes out smooth, deep, and aggressive.  

At the factory, a high-tech 3d scanning tech plays an important role in the design and development phases. As such, the final product is an exceptional quality fabrication that will fit in your car and outdo the original system.  

The body is stainless steel entirely, which means resistance to wear and tear plus corrosion. So, if you are looking for quality and unbeatable durability when getting your exhaust, try MagnaFlow 15490.


  • Amazing finish
  • Stand out design
  • Perfect substitute for the original
  • Long-lasting steel structure
  • An impressive roaring sound that doesn’t draw public attention
  • Mandrel-bent on pipes for a smooth engine exhaust
  • Straight through exhaust design for unlimited flow
  • Improves horsepower


  • Limited warranty

Megan Racing mr-cbs-nm09-ss-rr cat back

Megan Racing mr-cbs-nm09-ss-rr cat-back is the best in the market if you are looking for superior performance. It’s a great choice for extreme horsepower and astonishing throttle response. What’s more, this system generates a mighty aggressive tone that gives an impression of who’s the boss on the streets.

Further, the bold design adds to the stand-out tone to ensure your car is an eye turner anywhere you ride through. In general, it has a steel body with a finely polished surface for durability. Having a straight-through style, the superior engine performance is unrivaled in the market.


  • Best pick for prime engine performance
  • Long-lasting material
  • Quality design
  • The package includes a gasket
  • Smooth bends along the tunnels for unrestricted engine exhaust
  • Clean finish for stand out appearance


  • Installation can be intricate

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