How Much is a New Jeep Compass?

Looking to embark on an adventure-packed journey?

Look no further than the Jeep Compass, a fearless compact SUV ready to conquer any terrain with its impressive turbocharged engine.

However, before diving into the thrilling world of the Compass, you might be wondering: how much does it cost to own this bold beauty?

Let’s uncover the secrets behind the price tag of the new Jeep Compass.

how much is a new jeep compass

The price of a new Jeep Compass varies depending on the specific model and trim level chosen.

However, as of now, the starting price for a new Jeep Compass is around $25,000.

Key Points:

  • Price of a new Jeep Compass varies based on model and trim level chosen
  • Starting price for a new Jeep Compass is approximately $25,000
  • The cost may increase depending on the features and options selected
  • Specific model and trim level determine the final price
  • Multiple factors contribute to the overall cost of a new Jeep Compass
  • Pricing details can be obtained from a local Jeep dealership or online resources.

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💡 Did You Know?

1. The Jeep Compass was named after the navigational instrument used by explorers, symbolizing the vehicle’s ability to navigate any terrain with ease.
2. In 2015, Jeep collaborated with Warner Bros. Pictures to release a special “Batman vs Superman” edition of the Jeep Compass, featuring exclusive design elements inspired by the iconic DC Comics characters.
3. The Jeep Compass is equipped with a unique feature called “Frequency Response Damping Suspension,” which automatically adjusts the vehicle’s suspension to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.
4. The Compass has a surprising hidden Easter egg: Inside the front windshield, you can find an imprint of the “Seven Bar” grille, a trademark design element of Jeep vehicles.
5. In 2021, the Jeep Compass became the first vehicle in its segment to receive a Trail Rated® badge, indicating its exceptional off-road capabilities.

Turbocharged 4-Cylinder Engine Delivers High Horsepower In The Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is a compact SUV that comes equipped with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. This engine delivers a high level of 179 horsepower, making the Compass one of the more powerful vehicles in its class. With impressive acceleration and performance, the Compass is suitable for driving on both city streets and highways.

Improved 8-Speed Automatic Transmission Enhances Shifting Performance

The 2024 Jeep Compass introduces an enhanced 8-speed automatic transmission to resolve previous shifting concerns. This transmission guarantees smoother and seamless gear changes, ultimately improving the overall driving experience. From navigating bustling city streets to serene open roads, the upgraded shifting performance of the Compass ensures an enjoyable drive throughout.

Lower Emissions And Increased Power At Lower Revs In The New Compass

One of the notable improvements in the new Jeep Compass is its lower emissions and increased power at lower revs. This means that the powertrain not only produces reduced emissions, but it also delivers an impressive amount of power even at lower rpm levels. This ensures a more efficient and environmentally-friendly driving experience without sacrificing performance.

Comfort-Tuned Suspension May Result In A Bouncy Ride Over Rough Surfaces

The Jeep Compass is known for its comfortable and smooth ride on most surfaces. However, it’s important to note that the comfort-tuned suspension may lead to a slightly bouncy experience on rough terrains or uneven roads.

The suspension of the Compass is primarily designed with comfort in mind, which can result in a less smooth ride on challenging road conditions. Despite this, for regular day-to-day driving, the Compass provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


  • Emphasized the focus on the Jeep Compass
  • Added information about the comfort-tuned suspension
  • Added details about the ride quality on rough terrains
  • Highlighted the comfort aspect during daily driving

Substantial Steering Feel Enhances Driving Experience

The Jeep Compass excels not only in its powerful engine and smooth transmission but also in its steering system, which offers a remarkable feel. This feature enhances the overall driving experience by providing the driver with a heightened sense of control and connection to the road. The precise and responsive steering of the Compass guarantees confident execution of every turn and maneuver.

  • Powerful engine
  • Smooth transmission
  • Remarkable steering system for a substantial feel
  • Enhanced driving experience with improved control and connection
  • Precise and responsive steering for confident execution of maneuvers

“The steering of the Jeep Compass ensures that every turn and maneuver is executed with confidence.”

Smaller Wheel/Tire Combination Prioritizes Comfort In Lower Trims

The 2024 Jeep Compass comes with a variety of wheel sizes, ranging from 17 to 19 inches. The choice of wheel size depends on the trim level. In the lower trims, a smaller wheel/tire combination is recommended to focus on comfort. Opting for a smaller wheel diameter allows for an increased amount of tire sidewall, which plays a crucial role in absorbing road imperfections and delivering a smoother ride. This advantage proves to be particularly beneficial when navigating rough or uneven surfaces.

  • Smaller wheel/tire combination prioritizes comfort
  • More tire sidewall with smaller wheel diameter helps absorb road imperfections
  • Provides a smoother ride, especially on rough or uneven surfaces.

    “Choosing a smaller wheel diameter allows for an increased amount of tire sidewall, which absorbs road imperfections and enhances the overall ride quality.”

Easy Maneuverability And Parking In Town With The 2024 Compass

The 2024 Jeep Compass is specifically designed for easy maneuverability and parking in urban areas. With its compact size, this nimble SUV excels in navigating tight streets and congested parking lots. Whether it’s your daily commute or running errands, the Compass ensures a convenient and hassle-free driving experience in urban environments.

All-Wheel Drive And Off-Road Capabilities In The Trailhawk Version

The Jeep Compass is a compact SUV that comes with all-wheel drive, providing enhanced traction and stability in varying road conditions. However, the Trailhawk version takes it a step further with its off-road capabilities. Equipped with low gearing and a locking 4-wheel-drive system, the Trailhawk is designed for off-road exploration. This allows adventure enthusiasts to venture off the beaten path with confidence and tackle challenging terrains.

The Compass features a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that delivers high horsepower. With its improved 8-speed automatic transmission, lower emissions, and increased power at lower revs, it offers both performance and efficiency. While the comfort-tuned suspension may result in a slightly bouncy ride over rough surfaces, the substantial steering feel and smaller wheel/tire combination contribute to a comfortable driving experience.

The 2024 Compass is easy to maneuver and park in town, making it a practical choice for urban dwellers. Additionally, the Trailhawk version’s all-wheel drive and off-road capabilities make it an attractive option for adventure seekers.

  • All-wheel drive: Provides enhanced traction and stability
  • Trailhawk version: Equipped with low gearing and a locking 4-wheel-drive system for off-road exploration
  • Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine: Delivers high horsepower
  • Improved 8-speed automatic transmission: Increases power at lower revs and offers efficiency
  • Comfort-tuned suspension: Provides a comfortable driving experience
  • Easy maneuverability: Makes it practical for urban dwellers
  • Off-road capabilities of Trailhawk version: Attractive option for adventure seekers

Overall, the Jeep Compass offers great value and versatility. The price may vary depending on the trim level and additional features chosen, but it is a worthy investment for those seeking a compact SUV with off-road capabilities.


Is Jeep Compass a good car?

Absolutely! The Jeep Compass is an excellent choice for those seeking a safe and reliable vehicle. Known for prioritizing safety, Jeep equips the Compass with a variety of advanced features. These include anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, multiple airbags, and traction control, ensuring a secure and protected driving experience. With its strong focus on safety, the Jeep Compass is a solid car option for individuals valuing their well-being on the road.

How much should I pay for a Jeep Compass?

The price range for a Jeep Compass varies depending on the trim level and features you choose. Starting at $28,400 for the entry-level Sport, you can expect to pay around $33,265 for the popular Latitude trim. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line features and off-road capabilities, the Trailhawk trim comes in at $36,990. Ultimately, the price you pay for a Jeep Compass will depend on the specific trim and options you desire.

Why is Jeep discontinuing Compass?

Jeep’s decision to discontinue the Compass petrol model stems from a strategic response to market demand. After analyzing consumer preferences, the company discovered that there was a significant demand for the diesel variant of the SUV, leading them to focus solely on that offering. By discontinuing the petrol Compass, Jeep aims to streamline their production and cater to the preferences of their target audience, ultimately ensuring a more efficient and profitable product lineup.

How much is a loaded Jeep Compass?

The price range for a loaded Jeep Compass varies based on the trim and options selected. The starting price for a fully equipped 2024 Jeep Compass is $27,495, with the top-of-the-line model costing up to $35,490. The final price will depend on the additional features and customization chosen, making it possible for customers to tailor their Jeep Compass to their specific preferences and budget.

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